My alerts are not triggering

I have a NRQL baseline alert that has shown it should trigger both a warning and critical issue a number of times and yet the alert has never been sent. I tried to make a static threshold NRQL alert to act as a backup condition for that one not causing the alert to be sent but it also has not caused any alerts to be sent. I do not see anything wrong with my configuration, and I have two tested alert notification channels in place for the alert policy. Why aren’t my alerts being sent?

Screenshot showing the alert should have sent for at least the static threshold alert:


Thanks for sharing this question - can you share two things to help us diagnose this please:

  1. The NRQL you are using to fuel the alert
  2. A link to the alert condition so that we can look for any issues there (though I understand you have looked and see nothing wrong, sometimes a second set of eyes helps!)

Thank you!

Hi, One detail to be aware of is that Warning violations do not create alert incidents or notifications. You will only get an incident (and notifications) when your critical threshold is violated.

Hello @philweber
Faced with the same issue today (we had two warnings) and didn`t receive any notification about it. :frowning:

Could this behavior be changed somehow? We want to receive warning messages, not only critical!

@kostyantyn: Coming soon: Big News For Alerts and Applied Intelligence.


Also, here’s a workaround to use until the ability to get notified on Warning violations goes live:

I hope this helps!