My data is truncated in table visualization

I am trying to use new dashboards and they look really nice. Except 1 annoying feature: tables truncates columns values and makes it useless (e.g. I see the same value for timestamp).

In the legacy dashboards view it displays data correctly. I don’t see a single reason to display table as divs with the fixed width. Tables has a horizontal scroll anyway. But there is no way to see the whole value and select/copy it if needed.

Here is the link to my dashboard:

And NRQL query:

SELECT name, duration, httpResponseCode, user_type, user_id, remote_ip FROM Transaction WHERE transactionType=‘Web’ LIMIT 100

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Hi @raman1, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback – I can see how that truncation makes timestamps and other values difficult to read.

I’d like to let you know that I passed your experience along to our engineers, and they plan to address this in a future update. I don’t have a timetable at the moment, but I wanted to let you know that it’s being addressed :slight_smile:


Hi @jeffrey_s, thank you for the update. Highly appreciate that!

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Just wanna also chime in here. Running into the same issue. There’s lots to love about the Newrelic One’s visualizations but data tables are a sore spot. When I create a table I pretty much know what I’m getting into and I can’t think of any good use case for truncating the data.

Thanks for your input @lee6 - We’ll pass that over to the engineers alongside @raman1’s feedback.

The input you and others gives helps us to highlight this to our development team, so that they know the pain points in the product and can work on changes. So thanks for coming in to provide that input :smiley:

Any timeline on when this will become a feature?

I have two columns displaying sql statements one being blocked and the statement blocking it and it would be useful to developers to be able to see and copy the statements in full. Once column expands when you alter the width, the other shows approximately twenty characters, which isn’t a lot of use.

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This is a real problem given that logs frequently contain very long messages (e.g.: json fields). Please consider removing the hidden overflow in your tables!

Some of the information in table view is useless as the it gets truncated. Would appreciate if this can be addressed.

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This remains a problem. I want to put logs in dashboards, but it’s not very useful if the log lines get truncated. I notice that if you hover over a log line, you see the whole thing, and if you triple-click the line, you can actually copy and paste the whole line, but it’s still pretty inconvenient not to be able to see it.

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Any update on this, this becomes a problem in many areas where we just want to refer and use the data

Folks have been asking for this since 2019. How hard is it to expand a column?