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My employer gets mail about my private newrelic account



in my account-settings a personal email-address is used, because i used newrelic free as freelancer before i was hired to a company. i told them about newrelic and they made use of it afterwards. now, they told me, that the complay is getting reports about my personal projects. i’ve no clue how to fix that …


Hey @eec10591af7f06d108c5

Sounds like you have your company users on your personal account and as users on your account may be getting the performance reports that go out weekly about your account.

I would suggest a separation. Either creating a separate account for your company or perhaps creating a sub account of your account and removing the users from your parent account and putting them on the sub-account. sub-accounts inheret the subscription of the parent account so it should mean no loss of features or functionality.


thanks for your suggestions - i had similar thoughts, but:

  • both accounts are „free“ and i’ve no option to review or manage „subaccounts“
  • i can see the name of the company in my „Account Settings > API Keys“ and my name is shown in the companies account, but there is no „remove“ of users.
  • due to the fact, that both accounts are free (and the company switched to datadog & rollbar already) they are not critical any more, but getting email reports from out of the companies scope is a data-privacy issue which the company would like to resolve - and me too …
  • i’ve not found any solution to disconnect the accounts. maybe because it was payed once, and now it’s „free“ so some functionalities seems to be locked now.

i realy appreciate your help and maybe you can provide more clues about how to disconnect the accounts. thanks. marco.


Hi there!

Thanks for the follow up and additional information. The only way someone can get a performance report about your account is if they are a user on the account, and have subscribed to weekly performance reports. If you are an Account Owner or Admin on the New Relic account in question, you can follow these steps to remove any users from your account who do not need to have access:

Please let us know if you run into any blockers with this process!


that helped! i was unable to find that on my own - but now it’s obvious. thanks :slight_smile: