MySQL monitoring cluster.slaveRunning returning no value


Does the MySQL monitoring works with multi source replications? All my servers are in multi master replication using GTID.

I have enabled extended_metrics but none of these metrics are being reported:

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Hi @darkmediagroup,

There are two criteria the MySQL integration looks for to begin collecting replica metrics:

  1. Adding extended_metrics: 1 in your mysql-config.yml
  2. The MySQL server responding with the metric cluster.slaveRunning: 1

You can check whether or not your MySQL instance is responding with the cluster.slaveRunning attribute by running the following command:

mysql -e 'SHOW SLAVE STATUS;' | grep -i slaveRunning

If it doesn’t show 1, then you might try defining a second instance in your mysql-config to monitor your other master directly.

Hello @sellefson,

Multi master replication does not report generate any results on “SHOW SLAVE STATUS”. It can only be tracked by “SHOW ALL SLAVES STATUS”.

Does this means the integration won’t monitor the slave status?

I have the integration script monitoring all masters, but I want know the replication lag between them.

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Hi @darkmediagroup,

Thanks for clarifying! It looks like the MySQL OHI currently does not collect Master:Master replication metrics, so I’ve submitted a feature request directly to our Product Team to look in how it might be implemented on the integration.

For now, if you wanted to collect those metrics into New Relic, you might consider developing a custom integration with the Infrastructure Integrations SDK.

Ran into the same problem when we migrated to a cluster database setup with multi-master replication.

I went ahead and created a feature request on the git repository. We’ll see what happens.

extended_metrics does not report on multi master setups · Issue #75 · newrelic/nri-mysql (


Thanks for letting us know @JDubDev We’ll keep an eye on that too!