Need a NQRL query when synthetic monitors doesn't report any data

I’m looking for a query in a scenario when any one of synthetic monitors doesn’t report/generate any data.

I was able to write a query to get alerts when any one of synthetic monitors gives me script time out error.

Now I’m looking for query which can generate alert when synthetic monitors doesn’t have results or data.

SELECT uniqueCount(monitorname) from SyntheticCheck where location = ‘2764635-devops_minion_centos_single_mgt-860’ and error=‘ScriptTimeoutError’ FACET monitorName,result,error SINCE 1 hour ago

Let me know if you need more information


Hey @srikanth.sharikar\

Does a simple:

SELECT count(*) FROM SyntheticCheck WHERE location = 'MyLocationName' FACET monitorName

work for you? This is just counting all monitor events from that location (though you can remove that where clause for more generic alerts on all monitors from all locations).

Then in your alert config you can set it to create a violation when the value returned is less than 1 for at least 15 minutes (for example, if your monitors run at different frequencies then there may be a period where it is expected for that result to be 0, so adjust this to suit that up to a max 120 mins).

In what condition does your synthetic generate no data? When it’s disabled?

Hi @srikanth.sharikar Looks like you’ve gotten some help from @RyanVeitch and @6MM. Are you still needing looking for further assistance with this?