Need help to delete APM, when tried it keeps cloning related browser monitoring

I’ve been trying to delete this APM on new relic UI

Already uninstalled the .net agent, CLI and newrelic infra applications on machine.

Also disabled the browser application monitoring instrumentation.

Deleted the remaining folder of new relic on the C Drive, no new related scripts as well on web.config.

But browser monitoring kept on being duplicated when I access the site where my APM is related to.

Here are the permalinks:

Originally, I’m trying to connect a second host in new relic and its IIS application pool in APM. However, IIS application pool for the 2nd host is not getting detected in new relic.

So I tried to uninstall everything and came to this situation with the APM not being able to delete.

Anyhelp will be appreciated. Thanks.

Hi anyone who can help with this.

I was able to delete one of the duplicated browser monitoring.

APM still getting data for Throughput and Apdex, but I already turned off browser monitoring.

What else should I do to delete APM?

The remaining 2 browser monitoring is giving me this page when I go to application settings

Hello @itinfra6. Welcome to the Explorers Hub!

Thank you for reaching out and providing links and details on what you have done so far. I am looping in a support engineer to assist further as they will be much better equipped to help get this resolved. Please note they will respond here shortly, when available.

Do reach out if you find you have other questions or need help with anything else.


Just an update, I was able to delete the apm. However, the browser monitoring connected to the deleted APM still exist and can’t be deleted. Its cloning itself whenever I go to the site i’m monitoring.

I have the same issue with this case now.


I have this kind of issue, any update regarding the troubleshooting for this issue?

Hoping for your response. Thanks.

Hello @itinfra6. Thank you for reaching out.

If possible, can you provide a link in the New Relic UI where you are still seeing the application(s) you have attempted to delete?

Hi Michael,

Here it is.

Thank you for providing the link @itinfra6.

I have merged your posts from the other topic to this one so that all of the information for our support engineers is in one space. They will reach out here shortly with assistance. Please do reach out if you have any other questions as well.