Need help with Metric API


I am quite new to NewRelic and I m trying to explore on sending custom metrics using metrics API.
I tried the example provided in this below link using post and also got 202 response code.

However, I am not able to create a chart for the ingested metrics from API.
Should I create any other application or something before I can create a chart for the same??

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi, @rakeshkp: How have you tried to create a chart from your metric data? What result do you get from this query:

SELECT * FROM Metric SINCE 1 day ago

Just so you know that doesn’t work in general.

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It doesn’t? Why not? Shouldn’t it show metrics sent to my account within the past day?

There may be a few things happening, but I’m guessing. Your demo project may have limited data and that might help it produce this simple view.

For what it’s worth, I’m in the same boat as @6MM.

In order to return any output, I need to specify at least one application name/ID and a metric attribute.

Hi, @rishav.dhar: It sounds like you are querying APM metric timeslice data, correct?

The original poster asked about querying metrics sent using the Metrics API, which is different.

Ah, that’ll be it! We’re reliant on metrics from the APM agent rather than custom Metrics API input.

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Looks like @pweber got you sorted @rishav.dhar but let us know what else you need!