Need to change owner of account


Can you please change the account owner to me for my account 1270303 please ?

Thank you in advance


Hi @simon18 Happy Friday! If you wish to change the owner on the account. For security reasons, there are a few options available to us:

1. If you still have access to the New Relic login information associated with the current owner email, you can log in using those credentials and make the ownership change. Details can be found in the New Relic Ownership Change article.
2. If you have access to the current owner e-mail but not the New Relic password associated with that email, you can request a password reset.
3. If you no longer have access to the current owner e-mail, we can make the change on our end. This process can take up to 72 hours and requires an external verification for security purposes.

Let us know which option works best! Thanks! :grinning:

Hi @ghoran ,
Thank you for your response.
Option 3 is the best in my case. Let me know what verifications are needed.
Thanks !

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Hi @simon18

Thanks for reaching out here, I did a little digging and I can confirm account 1270303 is now a V2 account. It appears the account was auto migrated to our newer account model. There should an email sent to the accounts admin, titled ‘Reminder: Critical updates to your New Relic user model and governance’ confirming the migration.

V2 accounts do not have an owner role. I located the following don User type: basic, core, and full platform users, which confirms the roles available within the account.

To summarise, the roles in an account for a user can be;

  • Basic user: several basic but powerful New Relic platform capabilities.
  • Core user (limited availability): has more capabilities than a basic user.
  • Full platform user: all capabilities.

The owner role no longer exists, the highest role with in an account is Full Platform. Should you wish to create a custom role and have it as the “Owner role” please see Step 4. Create custom roles (optional)

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