Need to disable Kube State Metrices Volume Collectors

Hi Team , I have disable all the volume based collectors for kube state metrices i.e pv , pvc , volumeattachment and configmaps but the data is still loading in K8sVolumeSample table , Need to see how will we disable data for that.

Hello Tea , Any Updates??

Hi @Amol.Chhabra2 - data reporting for K8sVolumeSample is sourced from kubelet and not KSM (kube-state-metrics) as seen in our repo here.

As K8sVolumeSample is not an event associated with KSM, data reporting to it cannot be disabled with a config option.

However, I can certainly submit a feature request on your behalf to allow for event samples to be disabled on the fly to be considered for a future release.


Thanks @woppermann , At this moment is there any workaround so we could do something to reduce ingest data for K8svolume sample.

Hi @Amol.Chhabra2 - we do not currently have any solution for reducing the sample rate or disabling the K8sVolumeSample event type but I can certainly submit feature request on your behalf. Please let me know if this is a feature you’d be interested in and I can pass it up to our Product Managers for further review and consideration.