Need Transaction events raw data for past 3 months

I need to pull raw transaction events data to get information like API request timestamp and API response timestamp.
I am trying below query

select * from Transaction where appName=<app_name> and name =<api_name> (POST)' SINCE 90 days ago

but this is returning data for the current day only.

Hi, @vidurgupta: It sounds like you have a Lite account on New Relic’s original pricing model. In that case, APM data is retained for one day.

Does this mean, i can pull data for last 22 days.

Yes, it looks like you have transaction data back to 28 June:

can you share a query that can return me data for that particular range?
the query that I have shared is not returning the required result.

Hey, any update on the last query

Your query looks fine, assuming you are passing valid values for appName and name in the WHERE clause.

The query seems to limit data to 2000 rows only, can we extract complete data by any way ?

Under the standard data plan, NRQL can return a maximum of 2000 rows per query. You may upgrade to Data Plus to get up to 200 million rows per query.