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Neon: Alerting Nerdpack



Neon Nerdpack

This Nerdpack: Neon, lets you create a “status board” based on New Relic alerting statuses, or the values from New Relic events. It is an at-a-glance look in a single dashboard to help you track the health of your entire business.

In order to view status of New Relic alerts, you’ll need to set up a webhook notification channel for the alert policies.

See Managing Notification Channels on New Relic Documentation.

Clone This Nerdpack

Clone this repository and run the following scripts:

git clone
cd nr1-neon-nerdpack
nr1 nerdpack:uuid -gf
npm install
npm start

Visit, navigate to the Nerdpack, and :sparkles:

The full Neon Nerdpack GitHub repository and README can be found here.

Happy Nerd-ing! :nerd_face:

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This may be a very naive question, but I am new to this…I am trying above steps but I am getting below error. Can someone help:-

nr1: command not found


Hey @kushagra2agarwal - you’ll need to first install the NR1 CLI - you can see the instructions on setting up your environment & your first NerdPack here:


Thank you @RyanVeitch for your response. I already have my application deployed and running in NR how can I use Nerdpack with it.


@kushagra2agarwal - Having an APM App deployed is somewhat different.

NerdPacks require you to have the NR1 CLI installed - which will enable you to use command line tools like:
nr1 nerdpack:serve
nr1 nerdpack:publish

You’ll be able to download the CLI from the Build your own application launcher in


After running it locally from Github we get an error:
404 - Nerdlet “b7016cbc-7c21-4389-bc9f-6e31a6ef674e.neon-nerdlet” not found

Console has no errors:
$ nr1 nerdpack:serve

:heavy_check_mark: name nr1-neon
:heavy_check_mark: id 29427edd-bcb5-46bf-bdde-7afd2e1029a1


:heavy_check_mark: neon-launcher launchers/neon-launcher/nr1.json

:heavy_check_mark: neon-nerdlet nerdlets/neon-nerdlet/nr1.json

:hammer_and_wrench: Built artifact files for:
⁎ 29427edd-bcb5-46bf-bdde-7afd2e1029a1–neon-nerdlet built :heavy_check_mark:
⁎ 29427edd-bcb5-46bf-bdde-7afd2e1029a1–styles built :heavy_check_mark:

:heavy_check_mark: Nerdpack built successfully!
★ Starting as orchestrator…

:heavy_check_mark: Server ready! Test it at:
:leftwards_arrow_with_hook: Server will reload automatically if you modify any file!


@protosecurity - that looks like a UUID mismatch.
Could you grab the UUID value from the package.json file & copy that.

Then jump into:
Project Root folder > Launchers > Neon Launcher > Nr1.json

Paste the UUID you got into the parameter ‘rootNerdletId’

That should then be ‘{newUUID}.neon-nerdlet’


Hoping for some help. Excuse my noobness as I am new to this.

Got the neon nerdlet working and able to run it locally. In the setup it mentions that I need to setup a webhook notification channel. I’m new to webhooks but from what I understand a payload is sent to the webhook and does something with it. Is this webhook endpoint something I need to setup externally? And if so, how does the nerdlet get this information? A bit stuck at this point.


Ohhh that isn’t very clear in the Set Up instructions - the Neon Nerdpack looks at alert data after it has been sent to Insights - so you’ll need to pass your alerts information to Insights first, since that is not done by default.

You can see how to do that here:

So essentially no - you don’t need to set up the webhook endpoint yourself. Just send a webhook channel to NR Insights.


Thanks for that. Makes more sense now. Might be worth while including that in the readme as I’m sure it will help others.


Absolutely! We’ll take care of that :smiley:



I have installed Neon Nerdpack but it’s showing green when there is an open alert condition. Is this normal.

I included transaction board and alert policy is related to transaction - FYI.


Hey @mohamedibrahim.abdul -

That’s a good question, possibly a bug or possibly expected, but I think this will be a better question for a the developers of the Nerdpack - can you post this question over in the Github Issues page?


Hi Ryan,

Sure, will do that!! Thank you!


You’re welcome - thanks for posting there