Nerd Bytes - April Round Up

What’s New?

Below is the list of recently released Nerd Bytes Episodes - check them out and let us know what you think, or what you want to see next!

Understanding Alert Incident Preferences

Incident Preferences - a critical component in making sure you get the right alerts at the right time. This video explains all!

How to install the New Relic Snowflake integration

Installing Snowflake - Using the Snowflake integration in order to get visibility into how your Snowflake account is being used in your organisation.

Full versus Basic Users in New Relic One

Full vs Basic - What is the difference between full users and basic users. This episode covers all you need to know.

Integrating Google SSO with New Relic

Google SSO - How to configure SSO in your account with Google as your IDP

Setup an alert on a Prometheus metric with NRQL

Prometheus Alerting - How can you set up alerts on Prometheus metrics you are ingesting into New Relic.

Upgrading to New Relic One Dashboards

Dashboards - Get a sneak peek into the new and improved Dashboards in New Relic One, and learn how easy it is to upgrade from Insights.

Send automated Dashboard snapshots to Slack or Files

Dashboard Snapshots - Get a PDF/PNG snapshot of your team dashboards delivered straight to Slack with this easy to use automation!

Using filter sets to see the data most relevant to you

Filter Sets - Filter Sets allow you to stay focused on only the data that matters most to you.

Add browser instrumentation to your site in minutes

Instrumentation made easy - Getting your frontend sites instrumented with New Relic couldn’t be easier! This video explains all!

Creating and managing entities via Terraform

Terraform - A fantastic way to manage your New Relic entities via code!

Learn NRQL with the NRQL Lessons App

NRQL - Go from zero :arrow_right: hero with NRQL in 4 easy to follow lessons!

What is Apdex and why is it important?

Apdex - A key measure in the performance of your application, giving you an easy view into how satisfied your end users are with the application performance

Starting to build your first New Relic One Application

Programmable - The New Relic One Programmable Platform opens up your New Relic account to a world of possibilities. What will you build?

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