Nerd Bytes - Mid March Round Up

What’s New?

Below is the list of recent Nerd Bytes Episodes - check them out and let us know what you think, or what you want to see next!

Setting up Synthetics Private Locations

Private Locations help you get monitoring set up against internal endpoints. Learn how to set up these locations with a few clicks in the UI, and 1 Docker command in the terminal. See docs here!

Integrating load testing with New Relic

In this episode Gary will show how to setup the load testing platform integration and demonstrate the dashboards that can be built to observe the data. Learn more in the docs for the integration

Detecting abnormal patterns with baseline alerts

Baseline alert conditions learn from your data over time, as they do, they can notify you when there are abnormal patterns in the data. Learn more about how to get started with baseline conditions here

Chart data over time with the timeseries keyword

Timeseries in NRQL is really powerful in helping you to visualise your data in a chart over time. In this episode we walk you through its use and options. Check out the Timeseries usage instructions here

Send Prometheus metrics to New Relic

Dan Fitzgerald demonstrates how to quickly and easily send your Prometheus metrics to New Relic using the remote_write configuration. Docs Here

Configuring Custom Visualisations for Dashboards

Custom dashboard visualizations can be highly modifiable or largely predefined. Learn how you can provide configuration controls for your own visualisations. Docs here

Alerts and Anomalies at a glance with the Activity Stream

The Activity Stream in New Relic APMA provides an at-a-glance view of recent alert events, or anomalous data events right alongside the data that matters to you. Oisin shows how to use this feature. Find out more here

Guided Install: Instrumentation made simple

Instrument your applications and infrastructure and start analyzing your telemetry data in 5 minutes - no instrumentation expertise required - using our intelligent and automated experience. Find the docs here

A Brief introduction to NRQL Alerts

Almost all of your data in New Relic can be alerted on, but if you need to get even more granular or custom data alerts then NRQL can help. Liam shows us how. Further docs about NRQL conditions here

Query metrics in New Relic using PromQL

Learn how to visualise your Prometheus metrics in New Relic using the Prometheus query language (PromQL). PromQL docs here

Creating your first Alerts Conditions

Alerts are a critical part of monitoring your services. How do you get started though? In this episode Ryan will help you get set up with your first policies and conditions. Check out the docs here

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