Nerd Hour: Ruby Team

There was recently a Nerd Hour Live Q&A session for all things Ruby. During this webinar we discussed the Roadmap for the Ruby agent, our plans for OpenTelemetry support, our experience open sourcing the agent, and some of the advanced features of the agent that many are not taking advantage of today. For those of you that were not able to attend the videos below will provide a thorough recap of the discussion. If you still have questions that were not covered please post them in the comments and one of our Ruby Team members will be glad to followup.

Questions that were covered:

Ruby Agent news:

Summary: Officially Open Source!

Journey to Open Source the Ruby Agent:

Summary: This was not just a “code dump” but a process that fully embraced the true spirit of open source and what it means to “work in the open”.

Overview of Ruby Agent Functionality:

Summary: More Power! More Dashboards! Transactions and tracing still there. Learn even more via Michael’s blog here.

Benefits of Open Sourcing the Ruby Agent:

Summary: Ability to address and fix bug issues in a more transparent environment.

Ruby Agent Roadmap:

Summary: Access the full New Relic Ruby Agent Roadmap

How Open Source Can Expand Observability at New Relic:

Summary: Hoping that auxiliary services and companies, like Microsoft, will continue their commitment to open telemetry.

New Relic’s Commitment to Open Telemetry:

Summary: The future of instrumentation is open. New Relic wants to standardized around that.

How to submit a Pull Request (PR) to the Ruby project:

Summary: First, its good to check Github to see if there is a discussion already around your issue. If not, then create a new discussion.

Moving from Travis CI to Github Actions:

Summary: Leveraging the multiverse we already had to drive tests in GHA.

Share with us!

Summary: New Relic wants to hear directly from people who are using our product. Any feedback is good feedback! Reach out via Github or Explorers Hub communities.