Nerdpack cannot be served locally

from the linked post below I learned that New Relic seems to be trying to connect to the local server at and My ISP is one of those that do not accept incoming connections from outside of their network. It is not uncommon for ISPs as well as large companies to block such connections.
Is there a solution to the problem in the meantime?

My current solution is to change the hosts file. I have added the following:

You can get the correct URL by modifying the Musician.js file in the NR1 CLI as follows (not recommended but works):

async connect() {
    const domain = await this.profileCert.getDomain();

    try {
        await super.connect(`wss://${domain}:${PORT}/band`, {
            secureContext: this._secureContext,
    } catch (error) {
        switch (error.code) {
            case 'ECONNREFUSED':

There are probably other and better ways to get the URL.

@Michael.Koerber2 Thank you for sharing your current modification. Will be curious to know if/how this works for other community members.