NerdStorage Vault Account scope

I want to use NerdStorage Vault to store some third party secrets. But it supports only CURRENT_USER as a scope, which mean every time new user log into account and got to app he/she has to save those secret for their scope which is not I want.
Is there any way to store secrets in vault with scope set as account so every user doesn’t have to save secret if they log into the same account?

@abhishek.sharma6 Thank you for this question. I assume you have seen this documentation but posting just in case:

I’m also going to see if @jvajda has any further insights specific to your question.

Hi JoiConverse,
I have gone through the documentation and according to it secrets can only be stored per ACTOR scope. But our requirement is to store secrets ACCOUNT scope so that if multiple user login to same account and explore the app they won’t have to set the secret again and again.

@abhishek.sharma6 Thank you for clarifying that. Hoping that a fellow community member will be able to assist soon.

Is there any new info to this? I am having the same issue.

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