.NET Agent Release Notes

Released on: January 21, 2016 - 14:00 - Download

New Features###

  • Async mode: The .NET agent now reports CPU and Memory usage metrics which will show up on the APM Application Overview page.

  • Async mode: Asynchronous instrumentation for Redis and MongoDB are available when the agent is in async mode.



@Linds What version of the MongoDB driver does this apply to? Is this for the 2.2 driver or still just the 1.x driver?

@Bret - The refers to the 1.10.0 driver. In other words, the agent now provides support for the MongoDB 1.10.0 driver when running in async mode or non-async mode.

On this end it seems that newrelic is putting time into the wrong product as the old mongo driver doesn’t support async queries… Hopefully the now relatively old 2.x driver will be supported someday.