.Net Agent Configuration Initial Steps Problem

Hi there,

We installed the .Net agent with MSI and couldn’t see the data at the console and re-installed with the script installer after removed it. But after these, we can’t see the data again.

The MSI installer didn’t ask for the licence key and we hoped for the script installer but again and again after successfully injecting the key, we couldn’t see the data.

What might be possible cures?


Hi @anil.bektas,

I wanted to mention our guide on when you’re not seeing the agent report data:

Are there any logs being generated at C:\ProgramData\New Relic\.NET Agent\Logs?

If there are no logs there, please see this post for more info on next steps:

What kind of an application are you trying to monitor? IIS-hosted or a Windows service?


Hello @ntierney,

Yes IIS hosted.



Thanks for confirming the app type.
We also wanted to double-check with you to see if your app is reporting after following the troubleshooting guide(s) that were sent by @ntierney?

We are happy to assist you further if you need us. It would be handy if we had the permalink to the app which is not reporting any data and also if there are any errors being reported in the log files for further troubleshooting.

Hello, yes we followed but no success yet.

newrelic-agent-win-x64-8.16.567.0 what we installed and the environment variables and the folder permission given to IIS users are okay… The troubleshooter offers there must be something really out-of-ordinary.

Can you help us out from that miserable situation?

We bought and our money for now is vain.



Can you tell us:

  1. What type of application are you trying to monitor? Is it an IIS-hosted web application, a stand-alone service, etc.?
  2. If it is an IIS-hosted web application, did you issue a full iisreset command from the command line after installing the agent? A UI-based reset is not enough. It must be a full IIS reset from the command line.
  3. Are any logs being generated in C:\ProgramData\New Relic\.NET Agent\Logs when you restart your application?



Hello there,

The first and second items matter had already completed. 3. one, we haven’t looked at the logs yet. We will be looking and sending you a reply ASAP.

Thanks and cheers!

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Looks like we are nearly there, can you confirm if any Logs are being generated, please?
If you are going to upload the log file(s), please ensure it does not contain any sensitive data.