[.NET] agent is not reporting data


Few months ago the New Relic .NET agent stops reporting data.

We was searching about this problem and we could watch tha Microsoft Application Insights was installed in this server and reading the documentation we found that the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) only allows one profiler. But “Microsoft Monitoring Agent APM” service is not started , is not possible that New Relic .NET agent and Microsoft Application Insights live together?. Thanks in advance .

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Hi @mdominguez - .Net can only have one profiler attached. By running Application Insights and New Relic, whichever profiler is run first will attach to the .Net process.

To resolve your problem use either New Relic or Application Insights.

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Thanks for the great explanation @stefan_garnham. Let us know how that works out for you @mdominguez!

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