[.NET] Agent not reporting: Received HTTP status code Conflict with message

We’re getting this error when trying to report a service w/ .net agent.

2021-04-03 18:27:38,953 NewRelic ERROR: [pid: 2548, tid: 68] Received HTTP status code Conflict with message
2021-04-03 18:27:38,953 NewRelic ERROR: [pid: 2548, tid: 68] NewRelic.Agent.Core.Exceptions.HttpException: Conflict
at NewRelic.Agent.Core.DataTransport.HttpCollectorWire.ThrowExceptionFromHttpWebResponse(String serializedData, HttpWebResponse response)
at NewRelic.Agent.Core.DataTransport.HttpCollectorWire.SendData(String method, ConnectionInfo connectionInfo, String serializedData)
at NewRelic.Agent.Core.DataTransport.ConnectionHandler.SendDataOverWire[T](ICollectorWire wire, String method, Object[] data)
at NewRelic.Agent.Core.DataTransport.ConnectionHandler.SendDataRequest[T](String method, Object[] data)
at NewRelic.Agent.Core.DataTransport.ConnectionManager.SendDataRequest[T](String method, Object[] data)
at NewRelic.Agent.Core.DataTransport.DataTransportService.TrySendDataRequest[T](String method, Object[] data)

Hi there @development23

The first step we recommend to everyone, after confirming that traffic is reporting to your app, is to run the Diagnostics CLI, which can diagnose compatibility and configuration issues that may be causing these errors. There are a number of other troubleshooting steps you can take, depending on if you are working in an Azure or .NET Core environment:

Let us know if those tools don’t help you resolve the issue. We are happy to keep working with you until we get this resolved.