[.Net] Agent Stops Reporting events to APM


we have installed newrelic .net agent in our windows servers to monitor our web applications installed under IIS7.

very often we are seeing newrelic is stopping to report to APM in few of the servers and it is starting to report as soon as we restart app pool.

we have used applicationPools instrumentation feature also to enable only the apps, but still newrelic is stopping to report events to APM.

This is making our day difficult by monitoring newrelic working in all of our servers. can someone please help us in fixing this issue?

@laxmikanth.ponna1 -

Can you try changing the log level in newrelic.config to “debug” to see if you can log a cause for the agent’s shutdown? See also https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/agents/net-agent/troubleshooting/generate-logs-troubleshooting-net

Is it possible there is simply lack of traffic which causes the application pools to shutdown? The agent will shutdown if the monitored process (e.g. w3wp.exe) shuts down.


we have enabled the debug in newrelic config. if the agent shuts down due to lack of traffic, then why it is not starting as soon as traffic start to flow?

Today we noticed in one of the server agent is not capturing the events but it is capturing in other servers (all settings are same in all the servers) even when we tried specific server.

agent started capturing events after restarting the app pool couple of times.

any help is really appreciated.

@laxmikanth.ponna1 -

It looks like we are actually handling this issue in a ticket so the discussion can be continued there. Obviously, we’d like to hear from anyone else here that might be experiencing the same/similar issue. The result of the ticket can be posted back here.



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