.Net Core 3.1 Logs not being created

.NET agent version: https://download.newrelic.com/dot_net_agent/latest_release/newrelic-netcore20-agent-win-x64-

  • Are you using .NET framework or .NET Core? .Net Core

  • Please let us know which operating system you have questions about: Windows 10

Seeing errors?

  • Add the error text, or a screenshot of the error and tell us where it came from: No errors ,but new relic does not log any activity.


  • Describe what you are seeing:
    I downloaded the zip file and included the unzipped folder under the webapi project folder. Include same license key in newrelic.config under the newrelic folder, this folder all dll which came as part of the download package.
<service licenseKey="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" />
		<name>Test Core App</name>

Also included newrelic under the project appsettings.json

“NewRelic.AppName”: “Test Core App”,
“NewRelic.LicenseKey”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
…Other project settings

  • How does that differ from what you are expecting to see?
    Why no logs created?

I was expecting to see some logs under either
C:\ProgramData\New Relic.NET Agent
under bin\Debug\netcoreapp3.1\newrelic
under \newrelic.

Hi, @jsundaram: If you have not already done so, you might go through the troubleshooting steps here:


Did you ever figure this out?

I am in a similar situation, all of my .net core 2.1 apps are generating logs and successfully report back to NewRelic. Now I have a new app I that uses .net core 3.1 and it does not generate any logs, even though it is installed on the same as the .net core 2.1 apps.


Have you updated your .NET agent to a version that supports .NET Core 3.1? Support was just recently added in agent version 8.20