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.NET Core Monitoring Questions



Hi Linds,

We are currently on a trial of New Relic and I’m trying to configure the .Net Core agent to output request parameters. I’ve followed all the docs but nothing seems to be working. Is there anyone I could speak to that could help me with this?

Thanks for reaching out! :slight_smile:


@Henry.Donnelly -

Are these query parameters or are these parameters sent in the body of the request?

If the former then the following config entry in your newrelic.config file should work:

<attributes enabled="true"> 

But it sounds like you’ve tried that?

If you are dealing with parameters in the body of the request then I’m afraid the agent can’t collect those automatically. You’ll have to collect those manually using the agent’s AddCustomParameter API call.

Oh, in both cases above the parameters will show up in transaction traces, error traces, and Insights Transaction events. Is that where you are looking to see them?

Does that help?