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.net Excluding transactions and troubleshooting



I’ve read the docs on excluding transactions and had 3 different developers give me the same sames for assembly, class, and method, SO PLEASE DO NOT TELL ME THEY ARE INCORRECT. However my mcv transaction is still being instrumented. The ignoretransaction comes up clean in xsd and loads when looking at the profiler log. However my debug log shows its still going to nr and i see it in the apm portal. I need this thing off. How do i troubleshoot this???


Hi @barry.gavenda

Im sorry you’r not having much success in this, I wonder could you share with us a small non sensitive information sample for us to take a look at? It probably a small syntax issue that you are having.


I’d add that you can also use NewRelic.Api.Agent.NewRelic.IgnoreTransaction() to ignore a transaction.