[.NET] How to see API's body (payload) in New Relic

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I am monitoring my application with New Relic.

The application has different APIs. One API has POST method and it has body payload. I am trying to find how can I see the Body(Payload) data in New Relic.

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Hi, @sabbas1: Which APM agent are you using?

No, @philweber
I am using a layer on lambda.

I have followed this approach: (.Net Core)


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Unfortunately, I do not have much experience with serverless monitoring. I don’t think request and response bodies are captured by default, but I don’t know how to add them to OpenTracing. Hopefully another member of the community can help you.

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Thanks @philweber

Hey @sabbas1,

Thanks for posting your question here! Can you provide an example api call your function is making?

Note: Our OpenTracing agent does not use the New Relic .NET agent, so api calls outlined in our docs will fail to capture anything.

Instead, we rely on the OpenTracing archived project for our legacy Lambda monitoring for .NET.

There is an OpenTracing Tutorial for .NET that has a lot of good details on how to instrument your function.

We also have a Java example that also relies on OpenTracing and provides some good examples of how to instrument traces between a caller and callee functions. It could almost be translated line for line to .NET.

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