.NET Nuget integration in existing HangFire application

**Agent Version: 8.30 (Nuget) **

** .NET Core **

** Windows OS **

Seeing Errors?

We’re not seeing any errors when adding the nuget to our existing HangFire application. A NewRelic folder gets created in the /bin folder when running locally, but no logs are created and we’re not seeing any data loaded into APM.

To troubleshoot, we’ve been following the below support article. Issue now appears to be that the environment variables are not being loaded when running the application locally. I’ve set these in visual studio & even globally on my machine, but the devEnv.exe process (visual studio) running our app doesn’t appear to have those variables set when checking via Process Explorer.

Relic Solution: .NET Core Agent Installation Troubleshooting in Windows - Proven Practice: Level Up Relic Solutions / Level Up: .NET Agent - New Relic Explorers Hub

Has anyone had this same issue? This is our first New Relic integration in an on-prem app, we’ve successfully integrated it w/ a couple azure web apps in the past.

Hi kyle.morton!

Did you manually set CORECLR_ENABLE_PROFILING=1?

Enable for .NET Core

For .NET Core, you must configure your application to be monitored by setting the following environment variable:

We recommend setting the environment variables for each application you want to instrument. If you set them globally, you might instrument .NET processes other than your apps.


You may also have to restart VS after setting those as system environment variables.