.NET on Windows Troubleshooting Framework Install

Once you’ve installed the .NET agent, you should see data reporting within a few minutes. If you’re having trouble, these are the steps that our support teams take to troubleshoot, and we hope they will help you find and resolve the issue quickly.

  1. Confirm the app is receiving traffic, has been for at least 5 min, and continues to receive traffic during troubleshooting

  2. Run NrDiag to collect data then validate

  3. Confirm .NET Core Framework version meets requirements

  4. Confirm OS meets requirements

  5. Check how the app is hosted and its framework to see if custom instrumentation is needed

  6. Confirm Env vars and Reg keys are set and correct

  7. Confirm config file is valid

  8. Check Proxy / Network configuration is not blocking connection

  9. Check for existence of logs- If there are no logs check for IIS reset and install folder permissions

  10. Check for High Security Mode configuration mismatches

  11. Check if cmd line IIS reset/ or app restart has been done since installation of Agent

  12. Can look in windows system event logs by filtering on “Event Sources:" and select or type “IIS-IISReset”

  13. If it has not been done you must find a time to do it via an admin cmd prompt using “iisreset”

  14. Check license key is valid and points to desired account

  15. License key can be gathered from the APM UI → account settings

  16. Check application name is the expected one

  17. Confirm there are no other profilers used

  18. Check folder/file permissions for install location are correct

  19. Check if the app is a short lived, sub 2 min process and has required settings

  20. If you are still unable to resolve the issue please reach out to New Relic Global Technical Support by going to support.newrelic.com. Please be sure to mention, in as much detail as possible, the steps you have tried already and details of what you expect to see and what you are seeing.