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NetworkError: net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET in ping and simple browser


I have tried simple browser, ping and even scripted browser. this is the permalink.

Almost every other time the script runs, I get a connection reset failure. The site itself is working fine and we don’t have any issues. I don’t understand what the problem is. I even tried try catch in scripted browser but to no avail.

Any help would be great!


Hi @marshal I investigated a bit here and it looks like the target server might be closing the connection. I’m about to PM you with the details – keep an eye on your inbox.


I am experiencing similar issue for certain monitors on some servers. The final screenshot shows that target page is loaded, but monitor still fails.


Would you be comfortable sharing that screenshot with us here, @EugeneA! I think it will be helpful in troubleshooting. :blush: Thanks!


I am also facing this problem. It says “NetworkError: Connection reset” and status is shown as “-7” (which I am unable t understand cause it is used for timed out “net::ERR_TIMED_OUT, “Timed out””.


Hi @mohammadhabeebabbas the -7 response code is used for specific requests in Ping monitors when a Network error is observed (e.g. NetworkError: Connection reset), not just when a timeout threshold is hit is hit. I definitely see how this could be confusing so I am going to send this discrepancy on to our Product Developers for their review.

That said, the monitor failure message itself should indicate the actual cause (Connection Reset) which results from the target server is resetting the connection via an RST packet. Is this error happening consistently from a single or multiple Synthetics monitoring locations?


hi- the monitor fails from multiple locations. Glad someone is looking into this!


Hi @marshal I sent you a private message directly regarding the Synthetics result you provided in the original post. This should be available in your forum account inbox.


Hi @btribbia,

I am facing the same issue for few of the monitors, I would like to understand the reason. you can find the permalink below.[start]=1544345598.018&tw[end]=1544604798.018




It looks the first attempt to reach out to one of those endpoints in the browser failed with a connection reset (-101), the reasons for this can be various and I would recommend checking the health of that host and how its handling incoming connections. That being said, with the check provided, the browser reattempts that request after that connection reset, and was successful, and was able to perform the rest of script successfully according to your script logging.

We put out a fix last week to account for this browser retry behavior on failed connect attempts, and you should no longer see check failures if the browser reattempt is successful.