New account API key appears to not work


I created a new account and am trying to connect a Python background task. It failed to connect so I tried ‘newrelic-admin validate-config newrelic.ini’ and got the following:

CRITICAL - Disconnection of the agent has been requested by the data collector for the application where the agent run was None. Please contact New Relic support for further information.

ERROR - The New Relic service has requested that the agent stop attempting to connect. The agent will no longer attempt a connection with New Relic. Your application must be manually restarted in order to connect to New Relic.

I can connect to the new relic host (traceroute, etc) just not the API.

When I try to use to explore the API I get this error:

We could not fetch your API keys, or there are no API keys available on this account. Please enter a valid key when making an API request.

When I try to manually use a license key in a API request I get a 401:

HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized
cache-control: no-cache
content-type: application/json

  "error": {
    "title": "Invalid API Key",
    "api_key": "[Redacted by New Relic]"

Any help? Looks like my account is not authorized for some reason. Note, I was able to set up an infrastructure agent though.

@BertHansAnders This will require a deeper investigation than what we can provide via this forum. I have opened a ticket so our support team can work directly with you. You should get an email from them soon. :slight_smile: