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New account did not start with a Pro trial


We are investigating New Relic APM however I cannot seem to enable Pro features.


Hmm that seems odd—let me connect you with the Account experts on my team to look into why that might be. We want you to be able to enjoy your trial while you can! Hang tight and look out for an email! :blush:


Hi @Linds,

same thing for us today. I wanted to show NewRelic to a potentiel customer and I got this :


Web Lite
[Mobile Lite]
[Insights Pro Trial]
[Browser Lite]
[Synthetics Lite]
Infrastructure Pro Trial

Thank you and I wish you a happy new year :smile:



Hey @ops_capretraite20190! Happy to look into this! I will pass this over to the account experts I mentioned above. They will be able to sort you out. Look out for my email! :blush: and let us know here once you get all sorted. Thanks!


Hello, I have the same issue. New account did not start with a synthetics pro trial. Can you look into this?


You got it @m.svechla1 - I’ve just opened a ticket for you to chat with the account experts about this.