New account, newrelic-infra unauthorised

Hi, I set up a new free account today to test out New Relic. I’ve followed the quick setup guide to install the newrelic-infra service on a fresh Ubuntu 20.04 machine (VM both cloud and VirtualBox) but on both occassions the installer has failed, I can see log lines “agent connect attempt failed” component=IdentityConnectService error="ingest rejected connect: 401 401 Unauthorized ". Again I’m only using the commands that were provided in the UI, I tried creating other types of API key, adding them to /etc/newrelic-infra.yml and restarting the service but no luck. Any help would be much appreciated.

I have the same issue.
Licence key is correct, but we have
"component=IdentityConnectService error="ingest rejected connect: 401 401 Unauthorized "

Hi there!

The ingest rejected connect: 401 401 Unauthorized error message is typically thrown when the API key is malformed or incorrect. I would recommend validating that the license key in your configuration document is correct by visiting, and comparing it against the account’s INGEST - LICENSE key entry.

Please let me know if this does or does not work for you!