New! API Key Management

You can now query and programmatically manage API keys in NerdGraph

  1. Personal (user) API keys
  2. General license keys used for APM
  3. Browser license keys

For all types of keys, you can search for a single or multiple keys, as well as manage multiple keys at a time in a single request.

All mutations allow you to input multiple keys at a time.

What’s new: New key rotation functionality for license keys!
Previously, accounts could only have one browser license key and one APM license key. With this API you can now create two keys of each type, allowing accounts to securely rotate their license keys. Full documentation can be found here.

But wait, there’s more: Manage user API keys!
You can now read and manage your own user API keys with the API, and manage API keys for others, if you have account permissions.

Full documentation with code examples is available via New Relic docs and you can always explore the API using the GraphiQL Explorer.


@zoevkay Thank you for sharing this info with fellow Explorers! :slight_smile: