New APM feature: Infrastructure and Real User Monitoring data in context

New Relic is adding more ways to view your data in context to help you get your work done faster and easier. Select Infrastructure data and Real User Monitoring data is now in APM to help you troubleshoot issues and optimize performance.

Infrastructure data in context

New Relic now displays information about your hosts directly in the APM summary page. You can see which hosts are causing issues without having to navigate away from the summary page. For deeper troubleshooting and performance analysis, you can view the Hosts page for more information on which processes are running and the latest events that have occurred. Check out the infrastructure monitoring documentation to get started.

Real User Monitoring data in context

New Relic gives you front end page view information in associated transaction traces so you can quickly identify how severely issues are impacting your users. In addition to quick metrics like total page views and average response time, you can jump to Page views in New Relic for deeper analysis. Check out the browser monitoring documentation.