New AWS API for Cost Savings & Improved Performance

After releasing more than 30 AWS cloud-service integrations and seeing how our customers are using them, we learned that while monitoring relevant cloud services is a high priority, getting a focused view is equally important—as is avoiding significant increases to their cloud usage bill.

Keeping that in mind, we are excited to announce that in partnership with Amazon Web Services we have just implemented a new API that is going to significantly decrease the number of call requests being made to CloudWatch.

This new API will impact New Relic customers using our AWS Infrastructure Integrations by providing a more scalable and cost effective solution. Specifically:

  • Less requests being made = more $ being saved
  • Faster resolution with AWS environments related issues and degradations

Here is an example of some of the results we have seen:

*Please note this dashboard was taken from a demo environment and does not represent any customer data, results will vary based on your environment

How can you see the decrease in your New Relic Account?

Go to the AWS Account Status Dashboard in the Integrations tab of New Relic Infrastructure

In this dashboard, you can see the Total Number of API Calls

How do I assure I am getting this benefit?

In order to benefit from the above improvement, we will need you to update your AWS policy with the new permission (cloudwatch:GetMetricData). Please add that permission at the soonest so we can enable GetMetricData in your New Relic account.

Why can’t I see these changes?

We implemented these changes in the end of June- which means that you have been saving money all this time! It also means you’ll need to adjust the Time Picker back to June 28, 2018 to see the drop in total number of API calls.

Here’s how see how many API calls have been reduced in your account:

  1. Navigate to the Time Picker in the upper left hand corner of the AWS Account Status Dashboard

  2. Enter a Custom time starting on June 28, 2018

How else is New Relic building a better service for AWS customers?

This new API is just one example of how we’re working hard to avoiding any increases to your AWS cloud usage bill. To learn about other ways to save money and improve optimization, make sure to leverage all of our other features including:

Fine-grained control that is easy to configureso you have the ability to configure polling frequency and data collection for cloud integrations. This is designed to let New Relic customers:

  • Reduce the polling intervals for metrics and inventory
  • Set filter conditions to narrow data fetching (for example, by region or by tag)

Configuration options can be found in the New Relic Infrastructure user interface for each integration, and can be used to granularly configure the following:

  • How often New Relic gathers service metrics from the cloud provider
  • How often New Relic gathers cloud entities and services attributes from the cloud provider
  • Which specific locations or resource groups will be monitored
  • Which tag keys or tag values describe the resources to be monitored
  • The name of the resources (such as AWS queues and application load balancers) to be monitored

New Relic’s AWS Billing integration can tell you how much your application is costing you in AWS. It can notify you when you cross various monetary thresholds. And then you can use that information to help manage your AWS spend. Specifically, it offers three key benefits:

  • Using the tagging ability AWS offers along with an AWS Budget, you can see not only your actual AWS spend per application but also the forecasted amount.
  • To better understand and manage your AWS usage, you can view your AWS spend alongside the data from your applications and infrastructure instrumented with the New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform. If New Relic Infrastructure, for example, shows that your EC2 instances are not heavily used (i.e., low CPU usage), you can either reduce their size or remove instances for more efficient usage in line with your budget.
  • Combining AWS Billing integration with New Relic Alerts allows for multiple and varied threshold levels that will notify the proper people that your AWS spend has reached—or breached—specific levels.