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New custom metrics no longer being created/reported



PHP Agent, PHP 5.5.9-1ubuntu4.25

Hello, I’ve noticed that new custom metrics that I have been adding have stopped reporting in the Data Explorer. It’s worth noting that this has been happening for a while now (since September, just a couple days after I started reporting custom metrics), but it was until now that I resorted to using this forum. Also worth mentioning, that the original custom metrics I declared, are still being reported normally to this date. The new metrics I’m trying to add are very similar in content and format as the ones currently being reported, and are generated from the same piece of code, as well as the same web transaction.

Any help to figure out this would be greatly appreciated, since I have already tried debugging both the agent and the deamon on the most verbose settings, but couldn’t find any relevant errors related to these metrics not being sent.


It looks like your application may have generated too many unique metric names causing a metric issue:

When this occurs we put a block on new metrics names but existing metric names are whitelisted and still counted as you have noticed.

I’m going to open a support ticket for you to help identify and fix the issue.


Thank you, the issue was resolved via the support ticket!


Thanks for letting us know @carlos.hernandez - Would you mind sharing the solution here for other users to benefit from too?
Thanks! :slight_smile:


Of course! Actually, there was nothing done on our side. The issue was apparently, an overload of new metrics which caused a Metric Group Issue. The affected apps metrics were placed on a whitelist and new metrics were not being registered individually. The whitelist was removed and the newer metrics started appearing. I haven’t recently added any new metrics yet but I’ll report in case these don’t show either.


Thanks for sharing @carlos.hernandez - that makes total sense. Those pesky metric grouping issues can be a nightmare to troubleshoot. I’m glad you got it sorted out.