New dashboard customizations for: colors, null, units, time picker, markdown

New chart customization options

New features have arrived to help you enhance your dashboards with more clarity, richer content, and flexibility. They include:

  • Markdown widget: Add rich custom content to your dashboards such as links, checklists, tables, formatting, and more!
  • Custom colors: Highlight key information or choose a preferred color palette for each data series in your charts.
  • Null value options: Four options to display, transform, or remove null points.
  • Unit labels: Increase chart detail and clarity.
  • Override time picker: Analyze different time ranges in a single dashboard.

:point_right: Get a full breakdown in this walkthrough blog post :memo:

Demo - Chart customizations

Check out the video for an interactive demo of the new customizations! Click on the image below.

Demo - Markdown widget

See some use cases and how to make the most of the Markdown widget. Click the image to watch the video.

Try it out yourself with the template dashboard

You can explore the customization options too by following the steps in this hands-on blog.

It shows you how to import the pre-made template dashboard, describes each option, and demonstrates how to use them in your own charts.

Use the Markdown widget to organize your dashboards and provider richer context to your data visualizations.

Select colors for each series with sliders or color codes (RGB, HEX, HSL)

You can choose from four ways to display null values: Leave as null; Remove value; Preserve last value; and Transform to zero

To provide more clarity on your charts, you can now customize the unit on your Y-axis and in each of your series.

You can select Ignore time picker from the dashboard options to create a chart with a persistent time period, overriding the time frame setting in the dashboard view.

:point_right: Get a full breakdown in this walkthrough blog post :memo: