New External Services dashboard now available

New Relic has launched a new version of the external services dashboard to help you rapidly identify issues with the APIs and microservices that your applications rely on.

Map view to rapidly identify issues

The first thing you’ll see in external services is the map view. The map view is perfect for a high-level view of all your services.

Your application’s dependencies, also known as upstream dependencies, are listed on the left. On the right are services that depend on your application, known as downstream services. You can see which services are healthy as well as the throughput and time consumption for each service. You can select a service to see more detailed information on that service.

List view for comparison and sorting

The list view shows your services and is sortable by response time, call count, and error count. You can also see how the response time, throughput, and error rate of your services changes compared with yesterday or an hour ago. The change is displayed as a percentage.

New and improved tracing

This new version of external services is powered by distributed tracing instead of cross application tracing. Distributed tracing can gather more useful data than cross application tracing from a wider variety of services, helping you quickly understand how your requests traverse your microservice-based applications.

To learn more check out the docs for external services.