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New Forum - Feedback



To the community moderators, @RyanVeitch @hross @Linds, some feedback on the new forum.

Typing the @ symbol to get a forum user’s name is not showing the list in the editor.
Creating this post, I typed a new tag of feedback, the loading of the list took approx 30 seconds. Once the new tag was created, I started typing the post but the focus kept jumping to the tag drop down every few characters.
Loading topics is much slower than the old forum.


Thanks @stefan_garnham - We’ve noticed a couple of these things ourself and we’re getting them looked at!

I’ll add your feedback to the list - but please do keep updating this thread if you notice any other problems.


Was the font changed over the weekend? Looks thinner and lighter.


Is the Unread title also displayed dynamically based on whether there are topics which you have not read?

Edited to add: Looks like this is dynamically displayed :smile:


Hey @stefan_garnham ,

Yes the font has changed, it was swapped over to become more aligned with the rest of New Relic.

You’re also right that the new/unread options only appear when there are topics there that you haven’t yet seen.


Hey @stefan_garnham

I just wanted to follow up with you because you’ve posted a couple of pieces of feedback about the slow performance of the site.

We did some digging into the performance metrics since the switch and have some observations that may be helpful. First and foremost - you are not wrong. Overall the site is a little slower - our New Relic Browser charts tell us that it’s about a second slower for users in the UK, and just under a second slower on average across all geogrpahies.

Here are some things to know:

  • Some of the elements (like tags and usernames) were very slow to load initially because they needed to be called up fresh, instead of from your cache). As we all use those elements more, they should become more performant. I don’t have measurements on those, but I have observed that they ARE getting faster. Let us know if they are not improving for you

  • More user creation is likely impacting performance to some degree. Our new single sign-on functionality creates a new community account for any site visitor that is logged in to a New Relic account at the same time. So we’ve gone from about 20 new users being created a day to about 800. That SHOULD mellow out as our current customers make their way to the community and get those initial accounts created. But for now, it’s a likely source of a performance hit.

  • We’re behind New Relic’s service gateway now. We can’t compare apples to apples here, but we’re assuming that some of those new milliseconds are coming because of this. There are a few knobs we can turn to improve performance here, and we’ve already started fiddling with dials to see what incremental improvements we can make. So stand by!


Thanks for the updates and thorough explanation and it is great that we are all working together to move things forward.

I have noticed that the performance is improving. :+1:


So have we, @stefan_garnham! Thank you so much for being our eyes out in the wild—your feedback really helped us here. :blush: