New Pricing / Incredibly Frustrating Experience

Since the new pricing was announced last year I’ve spoken to a few different reps regarding this account that I’ve had since 2012. I tried to work with a number of different reps who contacted me directly since last September 2020. I’ve also received strange emails saying that my account was in need of renewal despite many months before my actual contract renewal date.

Many of these conversations were left unanswered.

On top of that, I’ve been directed to take actions on my own account that aren’t actually available to me in the UI. The same goes for support channels, sending emails and clicking links that ultimately lead me to this public forum to get private help. A very frustrating experience to say the least.

It would appear that our plan is still on legacy pricing, and I can’t modify that on my own from the dashboard. I believe that I’m missing out on features of the platform because of this.

I’m not sure who to contact to remedy this; in the past I’ve had an account rep and I’m not sure if I do currently.

Can I please be put in touch with somebody who can help me transition to the new pricing model?

Hi @echolis, welcome to our Explorers Hub! Sorry to hear you were having trouble finding assistance transitioning to the new pricing model. I have created a ticket on your behalf, one of our support agents will be in touch shortly. They will direct your queries to the appropriate teams. Thank you!

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