New Relic adapter for scaling app using HPA with custom metrics

I’am trying to install newrelic adapter to scale applications using Horizontal Pod Autoscaler with custom metrics.
I have newrelic cluster explorer set up for my cluster and its working fine.
when i installed a application the data is not showing up in newrelic and in the HPA description the target value is showing as unknown and has a error message
“HPA unable to fetch metrics from custom metrics api”
can you help me with this…

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Hi Divyenth,
Please see this discussion which references an open source implementation of Kubernetes Custom Metrics API for New Relic - the project is I believe this should be relevant for your use case.

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Hi @divyenth.krishnamurt in response to requests like yours, we have just launched a beta version of an official New Relic custom metrics adapter - please refer to this post for more details and feel free to share any feedback via the repo!

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