New Relic agent install is failing


When we try to install the new relic agent, we it fails trying to retrieve data as follows:

Starting installation.
Installing New Relic CLI v0.32.0
Installing to /usr/local/bin using sudo

| \ | | _____ __ | _ \ | () ___
| | |/ _ \ \ /\ / / | |
) / _ | | |/ __|
| |\ | __/\ V V / | _ | | | | (
| _|_| _/_/ |_| __|||___|

Welcome to New Relic. Let’s install some instrumentation.

Questions? Read more about our installation process at

INFO Validating connectivity to the New Relic platform…
:x: Checking for data in New Relic (this may take a few minutes)…failed.
FATAL We encountered an error during the installation: there was a failure locating the data that was posted to New Relic. Please try again later or contact New Relic support. For real-time platform status info visit If this problem persists please visit the documentation and support page for additional help here:

We can see out from this host, so it does not appear to be an issue on our side. Anybody have a solution for this?

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Even I have the same issue too on windows servers . And why the NR cli is must to install? I am more keen to have only the Infra agent.

Hi @rschroder!

I’f you are having trouble installing the new relic agent, I would suggest reading through this documentation here:

Let me know how this works out for you.

This issue was related to the outages that New Relic was dealing with yesterday. Once the services were green, the installation stopped hanging at the point when it was trying to retrieve data from New Relic.

Glad to hear this is now resolved! Let us know if you need anything else!

This issue was related to some outages you guys were having. It was when the agent would check for data. This is sort of a design flaw for automated situations. The agent should have an option to timeout on the data check but still complete the installation.

Thank you for outlining the issue! I will make sure the feedback is passed on to our product team!