New Relic Alert Noise

Hello Everyone, i want to ask something about new relic alert. I have some issue about it.
i have creating alert and now the notifications for violations is too much.
also i have configure for AI, but it still sending much notifications.

how do i group simliar error into 1 alert in 1 day?

thanks a lot

Hi @fajarmaulana240699 - Incident Preferences documented below determines how many or how few alert notifications you will receive.

Incident preference options

Relic Solution: Alert Incident Preferences are the Key to Consistent Alert Notifications

I hope that helps!

okayy, i’ll check it,
also can i make 1 error for only one notifications?

Hi @fajarmaulana240699!

You should be able to get one notification for one error and this can be set up in your incident preferences (see documentation linked above).