New Relic alert using NRQL

I’m finding NRQL query upon which I can set alert, my condition is that whenever the status code of my service is not equal to 200 It should trigger an alert. I find one SELECT count(*) FROM Transaction WHERE appName = ‘pythonApp1’ AND httpResponseCode!=‘200’ this query from community support but what should be the thresold value for the result of this query. can you help me to fine NRQL query or let me know there’s any other way available.

Thank you

hi @divyesh.patel the count and the threshold are up to you and your use case. If you want to know when 1 instance of that occurs once in 1 min then you would set it up for 1 in at least 1 min. It all depends on what you are trying to do. Here is some information that might help

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