New Relic Alerts and Webhook

Hello Everybody,
I am pretty new in New Relic and need your help for sure.
Here is my original problem : I have some powershell scripts that send an API custom event to NR.
The custom event has some tags embedded. All the data are arriving fine and I can browse the incoming data from the Data explorer and I see all the tags.
I would like to setup a policy where the condition, once is triggered, gives me the opportunity to use the tags sent to NR by the powershell scripts into the body of the alert mail (Additional settings / Add custom violation description).
So far I have not found a solution. Reading here and there I got the suggestion to use webhooks. I am reading some instructions but I have not understood if I have to provide the WebHook URL or I have to configure it somewhere in NewRelic.
Please let me know if you have a solution for my original problem and/or about the webhook.
Thanks in advance

You are using a term “tags” that might mean a couple of different things. Tags are applied to entities (the machine or the application), but you can also add attributes to events. It seems like you might be using the Powershell script to insert a custom event using the API (which makes the tags an attribute of the event itself). Both of these are available to you, but the syntax is a little different and you’d need to include a FACET in your query for attributes of the custom event. Alert custom violation descriptions | New Relic Documentation


Thanks once again for your help @michael.caron.

@gcalzetta Were you able to resolve your problem?