New Relic alerts not working with google chat

I tried post to the google chat webhook, I am getting the following error:
Unable to invoke Webhook. Webhook responded with HTTP status code 400.

Would appreciate some assistance here! Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi there @dexter.yan -

Sorry to hear about the trouble with your webhook! This is a frequent issue, but a wide variety of factors could be at play. We just put together a new guide with some recommended steps for troubleshooting this exact error message:

It would be fantastic if you could take a look and let us know if that leads you down the right path.

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Did you make it work??


I too am eager to hear a success story here, @dexter.yan! Let us know where you are at with this! :blush:

I would also love to see this get fixed. I’ve tried countless variations of customizing the payload with no success. I’ve captured the request using RequsetBin and replicated the request using Postman. Postman DID work and I was able to see the alert hit Google Chat. The only thing that I did not know how to replicate was the “Host” header entry. In RequestBin, it looked like this: “Host:”. When I used the same value from Postman, the request was rejected. If I excluded the header field all together, it worked. And if I changed the header to be “Host:”, it also worked. What I don’t know is what value New Relic uses for that header when making the call to Google Chat. That is the only thing that I can find that might be the culprit.

New Relic, please fix this!!

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Hey there, @eric_flynn! We are currently trying to pinpoint if this is an easy fix or not. Yours is a story we have heard before: trying multiple variations to no prevail—pretty crazy-making. If I can be totally candid: we consider this issue to be caught somewhere between a bug and feature request. Like you mentioned above, it should work! But doesn’t because Google is rejecting our formatting in some cases which makes this complex.

Thank you for your patience! I hope to have an update to share when our Alerts experts come back to me with some more concrete answers.

Some news ? In one month we need to adopt google chat.

Hey @sys-admin - We don’t have an update right now - The issue here is the format of JSON that google chat expects does not match that which our Webhook channel sends.
I’ll get your +1 added to the feature request here.

Hello, we are also moving to Hangout Chat next month, let me know if you need any help from google to fix this.

Hey @jeetendra.po - Thanks for your additional +1 here, I’ll get that added and passed over to the Alerts team.

Hello, we are also moving to Hangout Chat next month, there is update on this ?

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Hey @sys-admin - No update right now, your +1 is added though.

Hello, there is any news about this?

Hi @mdiasmolina, there is a Feature Idea on this here, if you could vote on it and add your use-case that would be great, as the more support these features get the better :slight_smile:

Hello, we’ve change to Google Chat but the New Relic alert notifications are on the old platform, there is update on this?

Hey @Vinicius.Peres - no update right now, but we can definitely get your +1 added :slight_smile: Feel free to vote over on the Feature Idea here:

Hello All, any update on this? :slight_smile:

Hey @tribhuban.jha1 -

I don’t know of any update on this just yet - but we’ll get your +1 added in for you.