New Relic and Shopify integration

Does anyone know if you can or has anyone monitored Shopify with New Relic?


Hi @chris.molinas, you can’t see shopify’s data (unless they choose to share it with you), unfortunately. It looks like their service runs on their hosts, and you need administrative command line access to your server to set up our agent, and I don’t believe shopify gives you that.

Hi, @chris.molinas: You may use New Relic Synthetics to monitor the availability and performance of any public website, including a Shopify store.

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Thanks for the response all.

I figured we could use synthetics to hit the site but the client asked if there was an integration so I wanted to double check.

Thanks again

Apologies @chris.molinas, I followed up and it seems like I was relying on old information! Thankfully Phil was there to correct me! :smile:

Hi, @philweber: It is possible to install NewRelic Browser (RUM) on the Shopify platform. Would it be done through the insertion of tags?

Hi, @pcalderon: I am not familiar with Shopify, but if you can add JavaScript to pages, then you should be able to copy and paste the Browser agent.

Thanks a lot for your help! :+1:

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