New Relic API endpoint monitoring which is API key enabled

I want to monitor my endpoint which is api key enabled. The api key is specific to my endpoint, to hit the endpoint this api key must be used. How can I achieve this using New relic synthetic monitor?

Hi, @Shiva_Pasham: How does your endpoint expect to receive the API key?

in postman we put it in Headers section.

OK. So you can use a Synthetics API test, and add your API key as a custom header on the request. The provided $http object is an instance of the Node request module; you can see how to add custom headers here:

Hello @philweber thank you for the help. I did create check with scripted API including the API key. But, I don’t see any footprint of new relic when it hit my endpoint and checks for it’s availability.

OK…? I am not sure how you expect us to help you with the information you have provided.

Rather you can ask me what information you need to help me out? We don’t see any New relic footprint when we check our logs for the endpoint. When we hit the same endpoint using postman we can see log generating with timestamp, but not with New relic.

Just as an external observer, it’s not something like a firewall rule, is it? You won’t see anything in your logs for the endpoint if a firewall is blocking New Relic from hitting it. When you run your postman queries, are you within your firewall? (Maybe coming from an IP address that was whitelisted?)

If you go to Networks | New Relic Documentation you can see the IP Addresses that Synthetics minions will be coming via…

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Oops - the correct link is Synthetic monitor public minion IPs | New Relic Documentation I think - my apologies

Thanks for the help on this @bill.mitchell! Let us know how that works out for you @Shiva_Pasham!

thank you @nmcnamara this can be closed now. It is solved. Thank you @bill.mitchell @philweber for your kind help.

Hi @Shiva_Pasham ,

Thank you for the update, happy to hear it worked out for you. Please let us know if you need anything further.