New Relic APM Certification awaiting

Hi ,
Im awaiting fo my New relic Certification , could you please share with me.
i have cleared this exam on july 16 ,

Hi @mailmetoaditya

Certifications are usually issued within 10 business days of the exams being passed. Note that this is dependent on your success in the exams within 3 tries.

Today is the 10th business day since the 16th, so I’m going to tag in @philweber from the New Relic University team to check in on your certification.

Hi Ryan,
Thanks for your reply ,i just wanted to remind you regarding certification.
Sure hope today is 10 th business day may receive my certification,Very excited to see…

Sri Aditya

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Hi, @mailmetoaditya: Your certificate has been issued. Thank you for your patience.


Hi Philweber ,

I did not get my certificate yet ,could you please share with me.
im eagerly waiting for the certificate.


You may access your certificate here:

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Thank you very much.
Very much excited…!


Congratulations on passing and receiving the certificate :smiley: :partying_face: