New Relic APM for Azure Marketplace EOL Notice

New Relic APM for Azure Marketplace EOL Notice

At New Relic, we have and will continue to aggressively invest in new capabilities supporting DevOps teams using Microsoft .NET and Azure. Our full-stack solution helps teams achieve better observability independent of what language or operating environment makes the most sense for their business. In the coming months, we will continue to rapidly add support for new Microsoft Cloud Technologies such as .NET Core 2.0 and Azure Services.

However, in order to better serve our customers, we will be retiring the Azure Marketplace integration of New Relic Application Performance Monitoring (APM). We encourage customers to transition to a direct account relationship with New Relic before January 22, 2018. When we launched on the Azure Marketplace in 2013 as the first APM product in the store, we wanted to help enterprise DevOps teams better manage the performance of their .NET applications on the Azure Cloud Platform. As the market and our customers have continued to evolve, so have our product offerings.

Today, the New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform delivers full-stack visibility about customer experiences by instrumenting browser, mobile, applications, and host performance through unified dashboards, alerts, and analytics built on applied intelligence. Migrating to a direct account with New Relic gives you the ability to more flexibly leverage our entire platform and get the most value from its breadth of features. A direct relationship also gives our team the ability to more closely engage with you and your teams to help you learn about new products and try different solutions that complement New Relic APM, such as New Relic Infrastructure, Browser, Synthetics, Mobile, and Insights.

Please be advised of the following:

  • As of today, new account creation via the Azure Marketplace is no longer available.
  • On January 22, 2018, existing New Relic APM account access using SSO via the Azure Marketplace will no longer be available.

What should I do?

  • Please contact our team with your Azure ID to establish a New Relic subscription in a direct billing relationship.
  • If you currently have a non-paying New Relic account via the Azure Marketplace, you should sign up for a new 30 day trial of New Relic APM Pro.

Additional End-of-life details:

  • Technical support for issues with the Azure New Relic Management Experience will be limited during this termination period.

If you need immediate assistance, please contact us. We look forward to working with you directly to expand our world-class monitoring solutions for your digital business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen to my data and account if I do nothing?
Starting January 22, 2018, if you do not have direct account with a paid New Relic subscription, your Azure Marketplace integrated New Relic account will be cancelled and you will no longer have access to New Relic services and your data. Data from agents sent to New Relic from cancelled accounts will not be stored.

Why is New Relic APM being removed from the Azure Marketplace?
As the market and our customers have evolved, so have our product offerings. In order to provide full-stack monitoring with cross-product features such as Health Map, Radar, and Alerts, we needed more flexibility in the way we engage, educate, and trial New Relic products with you and your team.

I had a paid New Relic account through the Azure Marketplace but am not the Azure account admin, how do I keep using New Relic?
A user from your company that has admin New Relic account access will have to add you to the New Relic account.

Does this affect my existing non-Azure Marketplace New Relic subscription to products purchased direct such as Browser, Mobile, and Infrastructure?
No, the only accounts that are affected are the New Relic APM for Azure Marketplace purchased through the Azure Marketplace.

How do I remove the New Relic add-on from my Azure subscription?
Go to “All Resources”, filtering by Type (New Relic Accounts) and clicking on the New Relic account they want to cancel. Then they click “Delete” at the top of that window.

What happens on the New Relic side after I “Delete” the add-on in my Azure account?
The account is canceled on the New Relic side. The account will no longer collect data after it is cancelled and historic data will eventually be purged if the account is not re-activated as direct relationship account.

Can I still use the SSO built in the Azure Marketplace?
You will no longer be able to use the Azure Marketplace SSO to log in to your account. You will need users to be added and listed in the New Relic account at

What if I just want to start with a fresh new account with New Relic?
You can sign up for a new account if you don’t need your existing New Relic account created via the Azure Marketplace.

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