New Relic APM stopped monitoring one Application

On 23 June 2020 APM stopped presenting information on one of our applications, called Carezone. Other applications on the same server,EC2AMAZ-VU2HQFH, are still reporting. The Development team haven’t made any changes they they expect to effect New Relic. What can I check to get Carezone monitoring on APM again?

There are multiple reasons why Agent/ app may stop reporting.
You mention that there are two apps on the same server, which you are monitoring using the APM Agent. The app which is not reporting, can you confirm there is traffic going to the app?
A quick an easy step would be to perform a restart of your app and generate traffic on the app.
You could also look at the logs for the Agent and check the last entry.
For our general troubleshooting guide for APM Agent, please see below link and check out the Troubleshooting section for the APM Agents.

Could you tell us a little about your app and also which APM Agent you are using.
If this is a .NET Agent, please click here for general troubleshooting.
Also, you may find this link helpful. Relic Solution: The .NET Agent is Not Reporting: A Troubleshooting Guide

Thank you for your response. One questions before I start comprehensive troubleshooting.

Should I see an APM agent in Windows/Computer Management/Services on the target server ?

I can only see the New Relic Infrastructure Agent.
As I inherited this NR implementation I’m not sure which agent type was deployed, although, we are monitoring .NET applications


Should I see an APM agent in Windows/Computer Management/Services on the target server?

Regarding the above question, for the .NET Agent, you won’t see it in Windows/Computer Management/Services on the target server.
The reason being is that the .NET Agent attaches itself to a .NET application using the CLR profiling API (
Once the Agent is installed, you should see it in the Programs and Features in the Control Panel.

The .NET Agent creates two directories (default), where you will find it’s files:
C:\ProgramData\New Relic\.NET Agent
C:\Program Files\New Relic

Do let us know if you have any further questions as you start your troubleshooting.

Thanks Heera. Two mysteries solved : )
Thanks for your advice on the APM agent.
Also, our developers identified another newrelic.config file Carezone application software directories. This one have been accidentally changed.
So, our APM for the Carezone application is now reporting data again.

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Glad to hear you’re apps are back in action! Thank you for updating us :smiley: